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PE管、PP-R管、 UPVC管都占有一席之地,其中PE管强劲的发展势头令人瞩目。PE管的使用领域广泛。其中给水管和燃气管是其两个较大的应用市场。
PE pipe, PP-R pipe, UPVC pipe has a space for one person, one of the most strong momentum of development of PE remarkable. Use the field of PE pipe widely. The water pipe and gas pipe are the two largest application markets.
With the increasing use of PE pipes, the production of PE pipes has also been developed rapidly, and the rapid development of the corresponding production line has been promoted. The PE pipe production line selects high efficiency extruders with special HDPE and PP pipes. The screw adopts the structure with barrier and mixing head, and the machine barrel adopts the new slotting machine barrel, which has good effect of plasticizing and mixing, and has large volume and very stable volume. At the same time, the diameter and cooling system of proprietary technology is adopted. The water film lubrication and water ring cooling are adopted to meet the requirements of HDPE and PP materials, so as to ensure the stability of diameter and roundness of high-speed production thick walled pipes.
PE pipes have a lot of features, in addition to non-toxic health, corrosion resistance, and convenient connection, there are many,
1, excellent winding property: polyethylene pipe's winding property makes polyethylene water supply pipe can be rolled up for a long time, avoiding a large number of joints and fittings, and increasing the economic value of the material for pipeline.
2, high toughness: polyethylene water supply pipeline is a high toughness pipe, its elongation at break is generally over 500%, and has a very strong adaptability to uneven settlement of pipe base. It is an excellent pipeline with excellent seismic performance.
3, long life: polyethylene pressure pipe safety service life for more than fifty years.
4, reliable connection: polyethylene pipe system is connected by electric melting mode, the strength of the joint is higher than that of the pipe body, and polyethylene pipe is connected with other pipelines by flanges. It is convenient and quick. The seams are not broken by the movement of the soil or the action of the live load.
5, excellent resistance to stress cracking. HDPE has low notch sensitivity, high shear strength and excellent scratch resistance, and is also very outstanding in environmental stress cracking.
6, good wear resistance: HDPE pipe wear resistance is 4 times the steel pipe, and can improve the transport efficiency of about 20% compared to the steel pipe.
7, the flow resistance is small: the HDPE pipe has a smooth inner surface with a Manning coefficient of 0.009. The smooth surface and non adhesion properties ensure that the HDPE pipe has a higher transport capacity of the traditional pipe, and also reduces the pressure loss and the energy consumption of the pipeline.
It is these many good properties of PE pipe, PE pipe makes development more and more quickly, more and more wide range of application.
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